Meet Marvin Lynch

Master Chef & Head Chocolatier

A former Executive Chef in Malibu and Boca Raton, Marvin Lynch’s first foray into chocolate making was in 2012 as a chocolatier for Mount Dora Confectionary in Orlando, Florida. In addition to his culinary experience, he was a hair and makeup artist for celebrities in Hollywood, California and created a line of jewelry named Uccle Design.

A man of many talents, he has a breadth of artistic ability and an aesthetic sensibility that lends itself to creating chocolates that are beautiful and scrumptious yet accessible to everyone. Whether styling models for photo shoots, preparing gourmet meals for high-end clients, or making exquisite jewelry for fashion magazines, Marvin understands taste and beauty.

He also understands that taste and beauty do not have to cost a fortune. His motto, Genuine Goodness, sums up his belief in creating a quality product that is within everyone’s reach. By combining the freshest ingredients with simple design, he offers truly unique delights for his customers.

As a Master Chef with a 5-star background, I understand the significance of using the best ingredients on the planet to produce the best quality possible.

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