Making the best confections possible takes the finest ingredients, the perfect blend of temperatures and time, monitored by the best chocolatiers on the planet.

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From sample boxes to individual containers, we've got something for everyone.

Assortment Boxes

If you like a little variety in your life, or at least with your chocolate, our assortment boxes are sure to please with something for everyone.


Our truffles are filled with the most decadent and delicate chocolate ganache made from the finest ingredients. They're so good - they're sinful.


Perfect gift for all your needs. From Toffee hearts to Truffle boxes, there's something for everyone.
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Our turtles are sold by-the-pound and come in dark, salty dark caramel, and milk chocolate with pecans or cashew.

Featured Product

Toffee Chocolate Heart in gift box.

Just because, my chocolate toffee hearts guaranteed to satisfy the chocolate lover in your life. Choose from milk, dark chocolate.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

  • 5 star review  Hands down the best chocolates I have ever had...per my wife...she wouldn’t let me have any �.

    thumb Bryan Saldarini

    5 star review  I've only had one truffle that my friend shared at the beach but it was amazing. I can't wait to get home and order a box of my own.

    thumb Beckie Carter McCall

    5 star review  Yum Yum Yum wonderful the best of the best! Yum is all you have to say! That's Yum Yum Yum Linda Blume

    thumb Willis Blume
  • 5 star review  These chocolates are the best candy that money can buy. They are outstanding and can't be compared to any chocolate that you buy in regular and gourmet stores. I am so glad to have found these confections they make me drool!

    thumb Jim Annabel

    5 star review  Before gifting these to others, we had to try Marvin's chocolates out ourselves. AMAZING! They are beautifully crafted and taste as good as they look.

    thumb April Morrison Ryley

    5 star review  These chocolates are so freaking good I can’t even express in words. Thank you Marvin. You are very talented.

    thumb Sandy Dobbs
  • 5 star review  I bought my first box of chocolates from Marvin yesterday. I am thinking of giving these as Christmas gifts so I figured that it only makes sense for me to try them all - that way I know what I am gifting. Right? Right? 😉 I honestly cannot believe how good and different EACH individual piece is. I am not a chocolate nor a food snob but I do appreciate good things and these chocolates are exceptional. The peanut butter piece melted in my mouth and made me want more, more, more of that alone. Each piece is like a little adventure of flavor and texture for your mouth - delicious! Marvin, I don't know what your secret is but you're on to something here. Amazing! <3 <3 <3

    thumb Kathy Lenze

    5 star review  I was gifted an assortment of chocolates for my birthday, and what a wonderful treat! Each chocolate was a small work of art, and each absolutely scrumptious. Among my favorites were the cookie butter in dark chocolate, salty caramel, almond butter in dark, and the peanut butter bombs. My husband devoured the salty caramel turtle. Honestly, you couldn't go wrong with any of them! Would make an awesome holiday gift, or a treat for yourself :).

    thumb Elisabeth Hardin

    5 star review  As a confirmed chocoholic that eats chocolate virtually every day, I feel I am an expert in this field. Marvin's Confections are THE BEST chocolates I have ever eaten! They make great gifts, but be sure to get some for yourself! You won't be sorry, you'll be in chocolate heaven!

    thumb Jennifer Hope Pulley Lawrence
  • 5 star review  Best chocolate i have had since i cant remember. If you haven't had a box yet you need to get one. Love this chocolate�

    thumb Michael Butera

    5 star review  Once you try Marvin’s chocolates do you want never be able to go back to store bought chocolates the freshness the richness the lack of residue left after eating the chocolate has delighted my mouth in a way that I never knew was possible Marvin‘s chocolates are a work of art and everyone in my family will be receiving them over the holidays they are fantastic!!! Thank you so much Marvin

    thumb Jerry Church

    5 star review  I am not an avid chocolate fan UNLESS it is Marvin's! This is what all chocolate should taste like. We HIGHLY recommend you trying'll never go back to all the fancy, "cheap" stuff. Our favorites are salted pecan turtle bars, dark chocolate truffles, caramels, English toffee, and orange peels. We get these for business gifts, Christmas gifts, housewarming, etc. Every.single.person has become a fan.

    thumb Merrily Bullard
  • 5 star review  Brought a pound home and figured it would go quick and I wasn't wrong. There was a delicious variety of goodies to choose from. The chocolate was such and flavorful. The caramel was light and buttery but what really turned me into a believer were the orange peels. Perfectly balanced sweet and tart. Not a bad flavor in the box though. The turtle was delicious too.

    thumb Erik Grubbs

    5 star review  This is chocolate at its finest! I have tried almost everything out there, and these are the best for flavor, consistency and variety. The Turtles are works of culinary art!

    thumb CT Miller

    5 star review  These chocolates are mouthwateringly beautiful, and delicious. The flavors are devine.

    thumb Barbara Ledbury
  • 5 star review  First of all I must admit that I am a food snob. I won’t eat just anything. I’m the pickiest person I know. That being said, whenever Marvin creates something, I know that I’m in for a real treat. And it’s not just the phenomenal arrays of flavors that melt in your mouth, it’s the whole experience in itself. I am fortunate enough to have watched him start out with a blank canvas and turn nothing into a scrumptious masterpiece. He puts all of himself into everything that he touches, and with every bite you can taste the love and experience that was put into it. And now I find out that he also puts all of that creativity into little pieces of chocolate heaven! Even if you’re not a big lover of chocolate, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not at least trying one (pound) of his Work. If you opt out, I thank you in advance because it will mean that they’ll be more for me! Most definitely a 5 ⭐️ rating from this fellow...

    thumb Rich Farricker

    5 star review  Better than Godiva. I could eat myself into a coma on these chocolates. It's like that Pringles logo, once you pop, you just can't stop. Marvin, please bring me more chocolates!!!!!!! I need my fix!

    thumb Glenda Allen

    5 star review  My son just brought home a box of this chocolate. It is amazing!

    thumb Pam Pullen
  • 5 star review  The ladies iny family cant stop moaning from the yummy goodness!

    thumb Brandon Pullen

    5 star review  Outstanding chocolates. I bought a pound from Marvin and I think it lasted less then a day in my house. My wife and girls really loved the chocolate too. I’m a west coast See’s chocolate fan my whole life but now I’ll have to rethink that. The freshness of the ingredients and Marvin’s talent as an artist make these a pleasure to eat. Thanks Marvin

    thumb John Dermody

    5 star review  If you want to indulge these chocolates are the perfect choice! I am a fan!

    thumb Julie Dowse
  • 5 star review  We tried one of the sampler boxes and were thrilled with the quality and the value!

    thumb Monte Runfola

    5 star review  I have personally tried all the pieces that Marvin has made and can honestly say that I will never be able to eat store bought candy again. You can actually taste the freshness of the fillings which are all hand made by Marvin. There is nothing quite like fresh hand made chocolates, and his prices are less than what you would pay at any store. From the sampler boxes to the bags, they make great gifts for everything from a simple thank you to an I love you. Spoiler alert - if you're on my Christmas list you can expect Marvin's chocolates this year!

    thumb Naomi Silvers Giampaolo

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